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Cops Bust Street Racers in the Most Insane Street Race Ever!

By Preston Owens 17 days ago 630568 Views 2 comments

The streets filled up quick in Mexico this passed weekend when the fastest cars in American drove south to figure out who has the Street Race game sewed up. Much like most of the Cash Days in the past, the local police knew the spots and the times needed to be in the perfect spot to catch the unsuspecting racers but unlike most of the Cash Days this one ended in an arrest when Jerry Bird and Shane in his Vega were caught red handed on the big end.

Farmbird Drag Races Aaron Kaufman in Mega Race

By Preston Owens 2 months ago 117 Views No comments

The Farmbird dominated the drag strip on Street Outlaws for Mega Race, against Aaron Kaufman. Here she is making a full bottle pass down the 1320 up against Aaron Kaufman. Aaron wasn't ready for this bird but I'm sure he's preparing for a rematch.

AZN Goes for a ride in the Nitrous Chair

By AZN 2 months ago 19099 Views 3 comments

DON'T TRY THIS AT HOME KIDDOS! This wasn't the smartest of our ideas but it was an experience to say the least. Farmtruck and the Mad Scientist really thought they were going to prank me and give me a scare. Well, they were f'ing right! I wasn't really in the right state of mind after taking that thing for a spin. I was just thankful to be alive and not going 300mph. There were lots of things that could have gone wrong but by the grace of Jesus, nothing did. It literally felt like i was getting raped by physics, there's was nothing I could do to keep my legs inside the ride at all times. Take a look for yourself and you decide if you would ride. - AZN

AZN and Cleetus vs. Australian Motorcycle Cop

By AZN 4 months ago 1794 Views 1 comment

Weeeelll our first trip to Australia might be our last considering the fact that we couldn't contain our excitement long enough not to hang outside of the car, yelling SUMMERNATS!! Seemed innocent enough but we were smart enough to know that, we don't mess with people who get paid to mess with people, so from this moment forward we obeyed they law, the officer and kept our hands, feet and voices inside the ride at all times. Watch for the full effect of Australian Authority.

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